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We have been leading Victory Temple from its inception.  We began as assistant pastors to Reverend Kenneth Pack, the founding pastor of our church.  After the first year we became senior pastors by a 100% vote of the congregation.  In July of 2012, we will begin our 13th year as pastors and it has been a wild and wonderful journey.  

I am a local resident, having been born and raised in Ascension Parish.  Except for a two-year time in the U. S. Army serving in Vietnam, and about 18 months of living in the Baton Rouge area, I have always resided in the local area and am well aware of its social, religious, and economic conditions.  This gives me a special insight into the problems that many people face when looking for a church that will meet their needs.  While we are not naive to think that all people will relate to our ministry, we do believe that God has placed us here with a ministry that will bless many people who can't find what they are looking for anywhere else.  We have always considered ourselves an "Adullam Church" where many of those who have been hurt or disillusioned with other churches and ministers will come to find a place that they can call home.

While we are Pentecostal in our beliefs, we also give place for people to grow believing that the convicting power of the Holy Spirit can accomplish more in the lives of people than the condemning word of a man regardless of who that man is.  In other words, we give people time to grow and mature in Christ.  We are all imperfect people, made perfect only by the blood of Jesus Christ, and we all accept one another where we are and trust God for the changes that will come.

Sis. Pat May is also a lifelong resident of the local area and is no stranger to our South Louisiana customs and beliefs.  She is a great asset to the ministry of Victory Temple, and, most importantly, the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ.  She is talented in music and singing and leads our worship team.

We sincerely hope that you will find a home here at Victory Temple.  We promise to do our best to only give you only what the Word of the Lord has to say and leave our personal convictions and beliefs where they belong.  We want the Holy Spirit to be your teacher and the Bible to be your roadmap and guide. Come back often and become a part of our growing church.

Pastor Jim May

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